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NO FAITH is a small, young and independent brand, which is based in Cologne. The label mostly works with achromatic colors. Mainly with black and white to be accurate, because these are colors that have been around since the beginning of time that characterize every living being. Black usually stands for the gloomy and dark, while white usually stands for hope and peace.

The name, which also stands for no fate, means if you really love something you should also have the courage to do it instead of just talking and dreaming about it like a complete idiot. And you can't trust anyone but yourself. Be it the family, distant relatives, close friends or your girlfriend - only TRUST yourself, because no one else will do it for you.

Luis Dobbelgarten, the head of the brand, also wants to make clear that it is also possible for young creative people to start a brand and constantly deliver with exciting releases and never give up - until you've shown the world who you really are. That's the reason why he also specialized in details that give the clothes something special - it brings them to life. Details do not only upgrade the most, it's the peak of importance for clothes, like the little things in life.